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Network Analyzer
multiport test set
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TD3617E Vector Network Analyzer

       TD3617E Vector Network Analyzer is a highly intelligent RF vector network analyzer, widely used in areas such as CATV and Telecommunication. It can speedily and accurately measure Atten, Return Loss , Impedence,Smith chart, VSWR, Group delay, phase, Gain, frequency response, and etc.. Its measurement targets transmission, reflection, group delay, phase characteristic of various RF devices including Amplifier ,Coaxical Cable, power Divider,  Divider, Antenna, Coupler, Attenuator, Filter, Isolator and etc.
Feature sand Specifications
Frequency range: 300KHz~3000MHz
Frequency Resolution: 1Hz
Frequency Accuracy: ±5ppm(25℃±5℃)
Harmonics:≤-30dBc(>1MHz); ≤-20dBc(≤1MHz);
Phase noise: -67dBc/Hz (@10KHz)
Impedance: 50Ω or 75Ω
Level Accuracy: ±1.0dB; ±2.0dB(Opt 1E1)
Output Power Range: -5dBm ~ +10dBm;
                   -60dBm ~ +10dBm(Opt 1E1)
Output port: N female
Extenal port
RS-232,GP-IB,USB print, User TTL, Extenal trigger
Physical Specifications
Length×Width×Height: 480mm×430mm×180mm
Weight: 20.5kg
Power: AC200V±10%,50Hz±5%
Power consumption: 150VA
Operating Temperature: 0 ~ +40℃
Network Analyzer
Frequency range: 300KHz ~ 3000MHz
               10MHz ~ 3000MHz(Opt 1E3)
Dynamic range: >100dB(+10 ~ -90dBm); >50dB(Opt 1E3)
Scale Resolution: 0.01 dB to 20 dB in 0.01dB
IF RBW: 15Hz ~ 6.5`KHz
MAX input power: +10dBm
Damage power:+20dBm, ±25VDC
Input port: N female
Tset channal: 2 CH
Tset Type: Transmision, Reflection, Phase, Group delay
Display…format:Log,Lin,SWR,Delay,Phase,Smith.chart,Polar,Real,Imaginary,Impedance magnitude
Sweep mode: Continue, Single, Hold
Horizontal Data Points: 3 ~ 1601, selectable
Limit line: More horizontal limit lines, selectable
Marker: 8 Markers, display 4 Markers each screen.
Store and Recall: Store or Recall test Data/Trace in intenal disk or USB disk
Split display: Up and Down screen for display test Trace
Display: 10 inch CRT
Opt 1E1: 60dB Programming Attenator
Opt 1E2: TD1820 50/75Ωimpedance transformer
Opt 1E3: Widthband Detector
Opt 1E4: N-50J Calibration kit(OPEN、SHORT、LOAD、F/Female conector)
Opt 1E5: N-75J Calibration kit(OPEN、SHORT、LOAD、F/Female conector)
Opt 1E6: F-75J Calibration kit(OPEN、SHORT、LOAD、F/Female conector)
Opt 1E7:USB/GPIB Card and software
Opt 1E8:TD8714B GPIB communication software
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